Review : The Amazing Spiderman 2


Peter Parker runs the gauntlet as the mysterious company Oscorp sends up a slew of super villains against him, impacting his life.”


When they say a slew of super villains, they’re not joking. Right there lies this movies greatest weakness, that was meant to be its greatest strength. The influx of villains into the narrative only serve really to slow some parts of the story and unnecessarily speed up the other parts. This movie could have done very well to have one or at most two well-developed villains instead of three under developed ones. Jaime Foxx’s Electro was at best a caricature of a real person (with a rather handy power-set). Dane Dehaan does a great job at Harry, but then he too gets a bit shafted when he has to suddenly transform into the green goblin, when we would have done better to get some more emotional development between himself and Andrew Garfields’ Peter Parker. Speaking of relationships, the Peter and Gwen (Emma Stone) relationship is front and center in this movie. And to be honest it’s one of the best parts of the movie. Their chemistry is real and undeniable, and it really translates amazingly well to the big screen. The scenes of him being Spiderman as well are superbly done and gorgeous, they bring back great memories of Spiderman 2 when he is in full swing. The Rhino character was honestly a total waste of Paul Giamattis’ acting caliber, another caricature reminiscent of a villain from Batman and Robin. The movie starts off and ends off well enough, but the middle slows down. It uses this time to explore the inter-character relationships well, but then wastes much of what is established. If someone had renamed this this movie “The coming of the sinister six”, they wouldn’t be far from what it appeared the powers that be at Sony were trying to create here. Is there such a need to rush to fill cinematic universes to try and catch up on the Marvel Studios properties? Coming in this movie had a lot of hype, and well deserved hype at that (I myself thought the first movie was pretty good) and that hype doesn’t help it at all. All in all this was a movie that promised much and only managed to deliver a little of what was hoped for.


Review Score : 5.5 out of 10


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