Why some good movies flop!

We all been there. Been all omg I love that movie soo much, I hope they make like 12 more. Then Monday comes and that 150 million dollar budget movie made all of 17,485,931.12 at the box office. Horrendous. But if it was a great movie, then how could it do so badly? If twilight could make 800 million why cant this movie that you love, that’s actually good make at least what it cost to make? The simple answer is marketing.


All movies that have great opening weeks, do so because they have really good hype about them built up. They peaked the interest of the general public, and got them to come and spend their hard earned money. Then if that movie is really good, they keep making money week after week (a good amount is no more than a 55-60% drop in ticket sales). If it’s a bad movie, the next week will see a very sever drop off, but the real damage will be for any sequels of that movie, or for the actors and directors that made it. A great example is X-Men: First Class, which made about 300 million during its run, which is lower than a movie of that quality deserved, BUT the movie before it, X-Men: The Last Stand made 450 million. So even though First Class was a MUCH better movie, it had to try and win back fans that had become disenchanted with the franchise after the folly that was X-Men: The Last Stand. We can even see the further progression of this by the fact that so far X-men DOFP has been smashing every record set for it, because it was able to build off the success and most importantly QUALITY of the movie before it. That means that even if X-Men: Apocalypse is utter rubbish, its still going to rake in the dough on opening weekend.


Stand alone or original properties however are a different animal all together. They have no previous movie buss to work off of (for better of for worse). They only have the strength of their cast and crew and even more importantly, their marketing scheme. Lets take for example a movie I think was pretty decent in John Carter. That movie cost 250 million to make, and it in return it made a whooping ….284 million. That is down right terrible, like really a huge flop. The real question here is why. In my opinion this film was marketed wrong. The trailers gave the wrong idea and impression of what the film would actually be like as well as it didn’t do well enough to sell its cast that featured some much more marketable names than the lead role played by Taylor Kitsch. This lead to there being not much buzz about the movie and a total tank of an opening week.


Even right now, the movie Edge of Tomorrow keeps getting glowing review after review everywhere you look. Its rotten tomato score is in the 90’s (last I checked) and anyone who’s seen will employ you to go see it and see it a few times. But on its opening weekend it took in similar numbers to John Carter (not a good sign) and got its ass whooped by The fault in our stars AND Maleficent in its second week. Now, that’s not to say that there is no hope for the movie. With all the acclaim and buzz its getting I would be very surprised if it didn’t actually go UP in money on its second week, since I think TFIOS is pretty front loaded (nobody wants to cry themselves silly twice and PAY for it) and all the positive news about it should help at some point. This is just another great example of bad marketing of a good film. From the trailers most people think the movie is a cross between Ground hogs day and any generic sci-fi war movie. But it is anything but that.


One movie that may have been catching onto its fading buss, or growing negative word of mouth was the to be soon released Jupiter Ascending, which will now be released a full 7 months later in 2015. Of course that official reason for the push-back in date would never be said to be from fear of flopping, but if you followed the talk about the movie, it seemed to get more and more negative everyday. Hollywood does indeed pay attention to these trends, and they make no mistakes with which day they choose for a movies release, which means nothing short of disaster in their eyes would result in a change, let alone such a drastic one.


So what do you think? Do you think a bad marketing campaign can be blamed for a good movie flopping? Do you think Edge of Tomorrow can make a comeback next week and make the money it deserves? Or is it going to go down like some of the films before it? Leave a comment and let me know.



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