Review: Edge of Tomorrow

“An officer finds himself caught in a time loop in a war with an alien race. His skills increase as he faces the same brutal combat scenarios, and his union with a Special Forces warrior gets him closer and closer to defeating the enemy.”

There are 2 ways to do a movie like this, 1 is the wrong way (looking at you Next), and 2 is the way this movie does it, and boy does it do it. This movie is a lot of fun from start to end, especially if you’re a fan of the action genre. You might think that a movie that constantly has to reset itself might get repetitive and stale, but I guarantee you this movie will not. The constant resets find a way to always be fresh and provide you with something new and exciting. The action and the movie itself is paced extremely well and there is much more comedy in this movie than you might expect, very well done, very witty humor. The marketing campaign for this movie has done it a huge disservice in how its portrays the theme and overall feel of the movie in the trailers. Tom Cruise is awesome and doubly so is Emily Blunt, for once we have a truly strong female character that doesn’t have to rely on a male counterpart to be as strong as she is. For a big chunk of the movie she is actually the one with the ability to win the war. If you have been waiting for that great summer time popcorn flick, then look no further. This movie is truly a fast paced actioned pack thrill ride full of fun all the way through. The only arguable weakness of the film in my opinion, which isn’t really a weakness, but I could see some viewers not liking it is the end. That’s not to say that the film has an unsatisfactory end, it just definitely takes the safer ending, instead of maybe going for the deeper darker option. All in all though, there is something her for everyone to love.

Review Score : 9 out of 10


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