Box Office Reaction




This weekend box office results surprised me quit a bit, the result were as follows :


1: 22 Jump Street – $57.1M

2: How to Train your Dragon 2 – 49.5M

3: Maleficent – $18.5M

4: Edge of Tomorrow – $16.5M

5: The Fault in Our stars – $14.8

6: X-Men: Days of Future Past – $9.8M

7: Godzilla – $3.3M

8: A Million ways to die in the west – $3.2M

9: Neighbors – $2.4M

10: Chef – $2.2M


Mind you these are the American Box office results, there are some very surprising things and trends happening here. Firstly, what DID surprise me. So right off the bat, the top 3 for me here is very surprising. The actual numbers for 22 Jump Street, don’t surprise me seeing as sequels of well accepted movies often do well, whether or not the movie is as good as the first. The shocking thing here is that its nearly 60 million dollar haul made it to the top of the box office. Why? Simply because there was another sequel to another very well accepted movie opening in How to train your dragon 2. So how does a rated R comedy beat out an amazingly good animated movie open to almost all audiences? Well to be frankly honest, I have no idea. While How to Train your Dragon may very well go onto to out perform 22 Jump Street (I and expect it to), opening weekends are very import for movies, and when movies open way under their industry projected totals, people don’t take that very well. I do feel that HTTYD2 will follow in the slow burn footsteps of the first film, but still shocking that it got beat for weekend champion by an R rated comedy. The second thing that surprised me here are the legs that Maleficent are showing, managing to still be in the top 3 in its third week on the charts, while Chef is also impressing with its constant growth and spread seeing as this is 10 weeks after its first limited release.


So what didn’t surprise me? Well for one I was right about the front loadedness of the Fault in our Stars, after it took a huge 70% drop in its second week (who want to cry their eyes out twice in CINEMA). There is currently a trend in movies dropping around 60% in their second weeks, but we are talking about 60-64% here and after opening at number 1, 5th is a pretty steep drop off. Also Edge of Tomorrow did as I thought it would also, building off of very positive word or mouth and seeing a much less drastic drop off in its numbers, and only barely missing out on the 3rd stop held by Maleficent. I still expect it to stay in the top 5 even next week, as the movies opening aren’t looking like box office gold. My predictions are for HTTYD2 and Edge of Tomorrow to hold onto top 5 spots (possibly numbers 2 and 3 respectively), while new entries Think like a Man too and Jersey boys should pull in about 30-35 Million and 10-12 million respectively.


Godzilla, X:Men and Neighbors are still holding out well a month and over since their releases. The lack of true money grabbing fire power entering next week means also that if 22 Jump Street can prove to be more than a decent sequel that it has a chance to duck the trending 60% drop off as well. Don’t be surprised either if next week The Fault in our Stars drops completely out of the top 10 (don’t feel too bad though, the film cost 18 million to make and in the states alone has crossed 80M). 22 Jump Street has also pretty much recouped its budget, but the 2 big budget films (Both of which I gave glowing reviews to AND THEY DESERVE IT) are the ones struggling here. Both have budgets in the 180M range, and both have time to make it up, but both were hoping to drop at least 75M opening weeks, and we have seen that 90% of a movie’s money is usually made in the first 3 weeks. I definitely hope they do make it, and their quality deserves.


So what do you think? Do these numbers surprise you as much as they do me? And sorry to any Spain supporters out there, right now Chile are picking you guys apart.


Forza Azzurris



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