Box Office Reaction

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.00.03 PM
SO, not to say i told you so or anything, but i did get a few things right about this weeks box office numbers (and some wrong). Firstly i was bang on about what Think like a Man Too and Jersey Boys would do, i quoted them at going for 30-35 and 10-12 million respectively and right on the nose they pulled in 30M and 13M. Lucky guesses? I would think not. Both HTTYD 2 and Edge of Tomorrow did drop a bit more than i was expecting (and well hoping for), as well as 22 Jump Street holding on a bit stronger than i would have thought also. It definitely went against the current summer trend of 60% drops in week 2. So far this year has been really great for movies, but the box office hasn’t been rewarding the quality we have on show here.

With only a few movies left for the year that i think can really do some box office damage (looking at you Transformers), which ones do you think will crack open the 100M ceiling thats been so illusive so far? I would go with Transformers and probably The Hobbit. There are some really excellent movies still to come, but i don’t think any of them have the range to pull more than 75M on opening weekend. Let me know which movies you think will make the 100 mark.





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