In Case You Missed it

Sometimes when i’m talking to my friends or people i meet, I always realise just how many good movies can go under peoples radar. So that got me thinking…what are some of the better movies that i think a lot of people may have missed for one reason or the other? Well lucky for you i made a little list.

Sunshine (2007) – 32M box office

Sunshine is a great Sci-fi, thriller with a really good cast and great acting performances all around. It takes place in a future where our sun is dying, and their is a last ditched effort to restart it. Then of course…shit goes off. Just watch it if you like Sci-fi, thriller, adventure or a movie with some deep ideas, and some great acting and musical score.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) – 188M box office

This is one of those movies I think that really was a great surprise. The level of depth and thoughtfulness that was present here was much more than i expected honestly. it turned this movie into a really fun, full of wonder and make you feel all nice inside kind of movie. Great for anyone to see no matter what kind of movies you like.

Blue is The Warmest Colour (2013) – 7M box office

One of the films on this list that will be classified as “foreign” but is such a great film. In earnest, this is a love story, and a truly wonderful and heartbreaking one at that. Sub-titles shouldn’t deter you from seeing this movie, and honestly its a lot better in its native french than any english dub they could ever do. So take some time out, hide your phone ( so you don’t text your ex) and jump on the emotional roller coaster of Blue is the warmest colour.

John Carter (2012) – 285M box office

One of the better movies that suffers from a server fault in advertising and thus a truly poor box office return. This was however a really nice and fun, good ole sic-fi, action bag of goodies. So please don’t let the trailers and such fool you, just take my word for it and go find it and watch it!

Princess Mononoke (1997) – 159M box office

So this would be the second movie on this list to be “foreign” film, but there is nothing but greatness from this animated master class. The animation itself is simply stunning, fluid and beautiful to look at. This movie is a great example of the brilliance that can be achieved with animation (and it still looks just as good today) that seems to be some what ignored by the western world. Whether you like animation or not, Princess Mononoke was a brilliant and riveting story told in a beautiful and breath taking way that everyone should see.

The Spectacular Now (2013) – 7M box office

One of the most refreshing coming of age movies I’ve seen in a really long time. a wonderful story of love and love lost and the best and worst parts about being young and naive, and passionate, and truly gripping. The acting here is also really superb and one of the biggest selling points and they deliver in making you fall in love with these characters. If you want to know what it’s like to feel that age again, just give this movie a once over.

Layer Cake (2004) – 12M box office

If you want to see why Daniel Craig got the job to be the new 007, then look no further than Layer Cake. If you want to see a great crime-drama, action-thriller, over really well done movie with a great cast and great acting, then take a slice out of this one (LOL, that was a good one)

So thats my first list of this type. In case you missed it, now you got some good movies you can watch at anytime and have a good time.



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