Comic Con, what you missed

So this weekend was Comic Con, and as expected, many big announcements were made (more were not i think), and if you missed it, here is my run down of what i think were the biggest moments.

Wonder Woman –
The DC Wonder Woman reveal was in my opinion the biggest news of the event. Dropping the picture of her in costume looking totally bad ass was just the kind of splash DC needed to make to get some headlines. The costume is pretty much what i was expecting, given the way the other ones have gone and also having Gal Gadot there in person with the rest of the big three cast was nicely done on DC’s part.

Skull Island –
Yes the land from whence King Kong came is getting its own movie, in what should be our first real look at a King Kong origins story. This story made a really big splash with audiences over the weekend. This was partly due to people not expecting it, then the added possibility of a future Godzilla vs Kin Kong movie in the future.

Lack of Goods from Marvel and DC –
So just as much as studios like to make splashes with announcements, they can also grab headlines for things that they dont announce. With Marvel and DC in particular, many felt that they missed a really great time that they could made some really key announcements, like which titles would be taking up some of their already booked future dates, as well as some new properties we might not have been expecting. And no Disney no one cares about you launching information if its in your own convention.

The Hobbit –
FINALLY we start to get the ball rolling on the final chapter in the Hobbit and possibly middle earth series. From poster drops to the inevitable trailer drop that we got also, the hobbit is finally kicking the marketing campaign into full swing and BOY do i love what i am seeing.

Mad Max –
Another movie here that took a year and a day to get going, after numerous set backs is Mad Max. However, did they ever come out strong with it. A LOT of people started buzzing about this movie after comic con, showing how well you could take advantage of such an event.


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