Movies that NEED a sequel

So as the title implies, this is a list of movies that don’t have, and i think really need, or should have a sequel or sequels. So here goes.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a brilliantly done, dark and brooding adaptation of the book. Fincher’s directing fits perfecting with the subject matter and themes to create a really visceral and pulse pounding movie, thats not for the faint of heart. Trouble with negotiations seemed to have have prevented this from getting a deserved second film.

The Incredibles

Who in the HELL green lit Cars 2, and not The Incredibles 2, like seriously….WHO!? This is such a great movie, not just for younger ones, but for everyone. Great characters, great story, great animation, even made a butt load of money, and yet, STILLLLL no sequel guys, come on.

The Golden Compass

Daniel Craigs second entry on this list wit The Golden Compass. This may not have been the greatest reviewed movie of all time or anything, but i certainly believe it was done more than well enough to warrant a sequel. Money is usually the one to blame for these kind of situations and making only 370 Million worldwide means this movie may, and i repeat MAY, have barely broken even. However i still think it had enough quality to warrant a second outing.


One of the best sleeper hits of 2012 (with people that actually saw the Damn movie) was Dredd. This gritty truer to source material retelling of the Judge Dredd canon flew under so many radars that it made no where near enough money to get a sequel green lit, but you know if you were one of the few to see it, its a damn good movie, and maybe the original Judge Dredd sullied the name beyond hope.


One of the best pure Sci-fi flicks around, Serenity has a rabid fan base, a great cast, and great acting. So many people want this sequel, or at least the ones that do are very vocal about it, but i’m not so sure if we can ever prise Joss Whedon off of some Marvel property to ever make another sadly.


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