Review : The Giver


“In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the “real” world.”


Firstly let me say, they supposed to listen to the guy with memories, and they did not give a shit about anything he had to say. So overall the idea behind The Giver, is that at something, mankind destroyed itself more or less, and then the people that were left remade civilisation. Now in doing so, they went, yeahhh all that stuff that could ever make us fight, we are getting rid of that. Jump forward a few generations and we have the entrance of our protagonist who has become the new person meant to receive the memories of the past. So they do this memory transfer by like magical birth mark tattoo, which, is, something…never really explained it however. And that isn’t a problem really, i just feel like they missed an opportunity to give us some more information, and do a little more world building. The actual world building itself isn’t to bad either, there just is only really one place, thats now the new world, soooo, not much had to be done anyway. The performances are pretty good as well, no one really seems to be holding back the film in anyway ( and as my friend pointed out, and i totally agree Odeya Rush looks just like a mini Mila Kunis). They’re all meant to be somewhat wooden, so when certain character start to change you can see a big change in their demeanour. The movie starts in black and white, and where i thought they were going to go the Pleasnantville route, and start to spot colour everything and slowly spread it, they did it in a different and interesting way, which i have to go give them props for. I don’t know if thats how its done in the books, but visually it is very interesting. The end of the movie is also pretty anti-climactic in my eyes, in not so much that there is a lack of a resolution, but there is no really conclusion. So the narrative itself gets some closure, but you the viewer don’t get so much. it left me wondering if that was meant for a sequel, if thats how the book ends, or if they just thought that would for some reason be a nice ending. All in all The Giver is an enjoyable movie, with some very uplifting and touching moments capable of serving up some feels. But some gaps in the story telling and way it ends doesnt make the movie stand out at all.


Review Score : 6 out of 10 


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