Why Adaptations Suck


Now i will admit that title is a bit misleading. I certainly don’t think that all film adaptations suck ( for video games yeah pretty much all), but i do think that ALL adaptations face an uphill battle to be considered good. The only difference being how steep of a hill we’re talking about. The major problem here is the fact that people don’t take the word “adaptation” as seriously as they should, and as such they draw some very heavy comparisons as well as expectations, instead of simply viewing the item as a cinematic experience. Now i can totally understand the desire when you hear that they are making your favourite anything into a film to expect and want to see the EXACT translation of that thing into a movie. HOWEVER as fans we need to take a step back sometimes and view the thing for what it is. An adaptation, and that alone. That is to say that the movie will be drawing from and is inspired by the original material but is not beholden to it. It does not HAVE to put anything into the movie that the makers of said movie think will detract from the experience of this story as a MOVIE. Not as a book, or a comic, or a game or anything else. All that matters is how to tell the story in the time allotted by the medium used. The second thing we as fans need to do is realise that in 90% of cases, the majority of the people who end up watching these movies will have either no, or less of a connection to the source material than we have. Therefore it also there duty to tell a story that has the most broad appeal and can be understood by everyone and anyone watching. A movie should never have homework attached to it. So when someone tells you, “wellll if you read the book/comic/watever you would understand this part”, we need to understand that most people HAVEN’T and WILL NOT read the source material. Its a delicate game the film creators have to play, because at the end of the day the purpose of all films are to make money, and they need to make business decisions as to what will be best for business ( not best for fan boy or girls #sorrynotsorry). So next time you go to see or hear about some new film adaptation, try and remember these words and take it for what it is, a film ADAPTATION, meant to stand on its own outside of the source material. At which point you can still think it sucks if its a bad movie, just don’t be hater cause they cut your favourite characters scene. If they totally changed a character you love (like my beloved cyclops in X-Men) then you can state why that character doesnt work int he film, and not just go WEEHHH they made him a bitch, even though they did.



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