Top 10 Movies of 2014 ( Wide Release)

So this is a list of my 10 favourite movies of the year, that had a wide release. There are still a lot of really awesome movies from 2014 that i haven’t been able to see yet because they haven’t come to a cinema near me. So i can’t say that this is the best of the year without that caveat. So with that being said, of all the wide release movies of last year, here are my top 10!

10 : Nightcrawler

This movie has one of the best acting performances of the year, however it wasn’t in a movie worthy of best movie of the year. The performance itself by Jake Gyllenhaal is however that good to elevate this movie to the number 10 spot.


9 : The Raid 2

The Raid 2 is by far the most gripping, brutal, and well done action movie you may well ever see in your entire life (until the raid 3). The fact that they can constantly keep raising the bar on the action in this movie with every scene is mind blowing. Just don’t maybe watch this movie after/while eating.


8 : The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 1

Yes i know many of you thought this movie was boring, or that it didn’t have the action of the first two (and it didn’t), but what this movie was able to do with the emotional and physiological aspects of warfare was simple immense. For once we get to see the war story not just from the front lines and for that you get number 8 Mockingjay.


7 : Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

What Cap2 did was to elevate the idea of a comic book movie, into something that went far beyond that title. It took a story many of us knew and created a beautiful espionage thriller, while still giving us great action and set pieces so we could have our cake and blow it up too!


6 : Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The fact that we can have a movie as good as this, where the main characters are fricking CGI, should tell you both how far we have come, and how amazing Andy and Toby were in this movie bring Caesar and Koba to life. Oscar worthy performances from animated apes is damn worth number 6.


5 : Gone Girl

Another movie with Oscar acting, but also wrapped up in a gripping and thrilling story that can hold you and entertain you from start to end is exactly what Gone Girl is. From plot twist to plot twist, suspense to comedy to horror, this movie has a bit of everything and a lot of quality. Add the brilliance of direction that is David Fincher and you have number 5.


4 : Edge of Tomorrow

Here is a criminally, not underrated movie, but under SEEN. So many people have not seem this master class in science fiction/action/adventure. Tom Cruise has probably never been better, Emily Blunt is outstanding, visual effects to marvel at, and a great story told in a even better way. What more can a man ask for?


3 : How to Train Your Dragon 2

I cannot sing the praises of this movie loudly enough. Emotion, action, adventure, comedy, drama, EVERYTHING, this movie has everything and then some in it. Any time a sequel can truly best its predecessor, and that previous movie was as good as the first HTYD, then we are certainly in for a treat.


2 : X-Men: Days of Future Past

To take one the best and most complex stories in comic books, and tell it in 2 hours, while still being accessible to the masses, is truly a great feat. The joy that this movie brought me, while simultaneously wiping away the tragedy that was X3 *tears*. To see the cast we knew and loved from the original X-Men movies mixed in with the wonderful new cast of the new X-Men movies in a cohesive tapestry of awesome was worth every penny of the multiple times i have seen this movie in cinema.

DF-07871   Hugh Jackman as Logan in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

1 : The Grand Budapest Hotel

When you have a perfect marriage of casting, acting and directing… you have The Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie is simply stunning from beginning to end in every way imaginable. ALL the performances are amazing, so is the visual story telling and the wonderful way Wes Anderson can make you feel enchanted and transfixed and transported and terrified and so wonderfully light all at the same time. His best movie to date, and the best of the best 2014 ( wide releases of course).



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