In Case You Missed it

Rush :


Rush is a 2013 movie directed by Ron Howard and staring Thor and one of the guys from Inglorious Bastards. Together however, this trio does an amazing job both visually and acting wise to deliver a great paced Drama that feels more like action movie than a combination of drama and bio piece. Some of Ron Howards’ visuals here are also simply stunning, and really do well to add suspense, tension, and really make us feel for these people. So it’s a heart pounding, based on true events, great looking film, that you probably haven’t seen (given its box office returns).

Enemy :

Enemy Jake Gyllenhaal

What the hell can i say about enemy. Firstly, if you are not a fan of movies that are very much art house, or none traditional, or experimental, then DO NOT see this movie. If however, you like movies that challenge you and make you think, while also sometimes scarring the heel out of you and then leaving you to pounder A LOT after…..yeah, ENEMY. Jake Gyllenhaal is really a very good actor. The way he handles the material here is really something else. He has an ability to make you feel completely contrasting emotions about the same character, and does some pretty good physical acting here too. Just remember, this movie is NSFW, and that’s about as best a hint i can give you of where maybe this movie goes.


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