Oscar Reaction


Firstly, thank God they didn’t snub the hell out of The Grand Budapest Hotel. On to the real meat however, and that’s who’s here that shouldn’t be and who’s missing.

Best Picture :

Not too bad here, a bit surprised to see such a surge for American Sniper, but overall would have liked to see a nom for Gone Girl

Best Actor :

Where the hell is Jake Gyllenhaal, like seriously….really. I’m surprised to see that Steve Carell got himself in here, his performance in Foxcatcher is very very good, i just thought the movie on a whole would have been some what over looked. Oh and where did this nomination for Marion Cotillard come from?

Best supporting Actor :

At this point it’s clear that Meryl Streep just gets Oscar nominations for rolling out of bed.

Best Director :

There are some weird ones in here. The director of The Imitation Game Morten Tyldum…why? There were at least two other directors that should have been in here instead like , Ava DuVernay for Selma and David Fincher for Gone Girl.

Best Animated :

This is where we have the probably the biggest surprise of the bunch, and that’s the UN-inclusion of The Lego Movie. Now while i do think that How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a superior movie and should win the award, i definitely think that The Lego Movie should have been nominated. It was even considered the front runner to win this award,  much to my annoyance.

That’s all i’m going to get into now, i will however be posting an entire awards prediction, so we can see if i know anything at all about movies, or at the very least what the academy likes and doesn’t like.


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