The Fantastic Four…..Relax

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So the new teaser trailer for the new Fantastic four movie has finally arrived, and of course the internet has gone mad with “facts” and opinions over everything that it showed or didn’t show. Here i am, to inject, hopefully what people will realise to be some clarity to matters. So to get it out of the way, the logo is not in a square and not a circle, boohoo, no ones gives a shit fanboys its the same damn 4, deal. Secondly, the tone of the trailer and what we can assume is the tone of the entire film itself…somber. Now i will be the first to say that one teaser trailer is not enough to definitively say that that is the actual tone of the film, but it is the tone they decided to show us with this first look at their new world. That being said, the general trend in comic book movies right now is that even if we have fantastical elements and characters and plot points, we need to ground the movie in some kind of reality, some kind of realness. I’m pretty sure if some kind of experiment went wrong and i could suddenly stretch my limbs i’d be pretty worried about it at first, which is what i get from the trailer. We have a young group of soon to be heroes here, that maybe, didn’t actually plan on being heroes. Pretty much ever hero ever that has gotten their powers and wasn’t born with them, or made them themselves, took at least a little while to be okay with it, and that is what i think a central idea of this movie is. I am going to address the black flaming elephant in the room i assure you, but i want to deal with everything else first. I must say i very much liked that money shot at the end of the entire team even if it was for like .957 seconds. That however leads to my next point, the uniforms. Jesus Christ people, do you really think that people just have have amazing team uniforms on hand for such emergencies? This is clearly an origins story, and as such it’s a safe bet that uniforms were not at the top of the priorities list of thinks to do upon receiving super powers. So relax, you will probably see the actual uniforms by the end of the movie. The trailer as a trailer however is very well done. Everything is crisp and sharp, we get introduced to all our main players, we have some voice over to future elaborate on the theme and tone of the film, and we get a lot of production value. Finally we have the biggest sticking point, the casting of a black male, to play a character that has always been portrayed as a white male. Now to understand my view on this i need to do some explaining. Firstly, i have absolutely NO PROBLEM with this casting, and here is why. Firstly Michael B Jordan is a great actor, from whom i expect a great performance. Secondly, this casting can only be construed as black washing or whatever the hell you want to call it if the decision to cast said actor in the role was solely to have diversity for diversity sake (which i am against). So why isn’t this that you may ask? But how can a brother and sister be one white one black you may ask? WELL, firstly the race of a character such as this should really only matter when the very fabric of that character is interwoven with his or her race. For example, if the characters of Luke Cage or Black Panther were to be made white, that would be ridiculous, because a very large part of who those characters are, are defined by their being black. Nick Fury can be portrayed by a black man for the same reason that The human torch can be, because race has never been something that defined either character. Black Panther is a tricking african king, that made him the man he is, johnny storm is a boy, with a sister, who becomes the human torch, race had nothing to do with her character development. As long as race wasn’t a building block for everything a character is and stands for, pssshhh do what the hell you want man, just make sure its not diversity for diversity sake and that you cast GOOD actors. And come on, people get adopted every day, there you go, mismatched race siblings. So i hope now some people can calm down and give this a movie a shot to be good, and not make it into a failure before we even ever buy a ticket.



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