Review : Project Almanac


“A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.”

So this movie is a collection of good ideas, with some poor execution. For one, this movie really doesn’t have to be a found footage at all. The use of found footage here is actually just lazy, because it allows the film makers to use every possible means to avoid real narrative plot development that they can muster. I will say that this movie does have some fun parts to it, that are pleasing to watch and all, but there is really isn’t much of anything happening for a vast majority of this film. Towards the end everything picks up a frantic pace, that could have been spread over the entire movie really. They could have also mad this exact movie, with the exact plot points, without making it found footage. The best part by far of this movie, is the relationship and building of said relationship between the characters, especially the couples. You don’t need to see this movie in cinema’s, but if you do, it would probably make a decent date movie since you don’t have to give it your full attention.

Review Score : 4 out of 10


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