Don’t miss it!

In the vein of our “In case you missed it” pieces, highlighting movies that may have gone under your radar but are worth your time, this year also brings us the “Don’t miss it!” pieces that will highlight upcoming movies that should have your attention, but may not for a number of reasons. How highlighted movie this time is…

In the Heart of the Sea


In the heart of the sea is basically Moby Dick, for big boys. It looks to be a retelling of the classic story but with all the modern day help it can get with sweeping visuals, big sets, a great cast, and also a re-teaming of director Ron Howard and actor Chris Hemsworth whose last outing was REALLY good (Rush – ). That re-teaming alone should be good enough to get people excited but we also have the likes of Cillian Murphy and Ben Whishaw to look forward too. The movie was carded to open not too long from now but has since been pushed back to December 2015 ( i.e. Oscar season…read into that what you may). The trailer however is out for those who care to give it a  look, i’ll link it below. If you’re a fan of Ron Howard, a fan of the movie Rush, or just a fan of any of the named actors this movie should definitely be on your radar. If the same kind of mix between personal drama and great visuals displayed in Rush can be repeated here, coupled with an age old story, then we have all the makings a really great film on our hands.

Trailer :


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