Oscars Reaction (2015)


So these are my views and reactions to the results of the 87th annual Academy Awards. I’m gonna go over most of the categories and say what i like, don’t like, and just my general opinions.

So first off, i have to say I am really glad at all the wins for The Grand Budapest Hotel, i really love that movie, and if you saw my film rankings for 2014 you know it was my NUMBA ONE! Now I’m going into the categories one by one, for most of them.

Visual Effects :

Winner – Interstellar

Should have won – Dawn of the planets of the apes.

I mean this one is a no brainer, as much as i really love the visuals of Interstellar, i really can’t imagine an argument that it did something better than, or over what was achieved with Dawn.

Animated Feature :

Winner – Big Hero 6

Should have won – HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2

COME F@#%ING ON GUYS!!!! How in the hell, does Big Hero 6, that honestly could have not even been in this category, and then let it WIN. This just goes to show that they take this category as a complete joke, and only base this on which seemed to be the most successful which is dog shit. I say seemed because BH6 made about 545 million and HTTYD2 made about 615 million, but Big Hero Shits made more money in america, i.e. the academy went well i guess it must be better. Pack of BALLS.

Those are my MAJOR grievances, so now we can run over the ones i got right and wrong without all the ranting :).

Adapted Screenplay :

Winner – The Imitation Game

My pick – Whiplash

Original Screenplay :

Winner – Birdman

My pick – Birdman

Sound Mixing :

Winner – Whiplash

My pick – Whiplash

Sound Editing :

Winner – American Sniper (smh)

My Pick – Interstellar

Animated Short :

Winner – Feast

My pick – Feast

Original Song :

Winner – Glory

My pick – Glory

Original Score :

Winner – The Grand Budapest Hotel

My pick – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Makeup and Hair :

Winner – The Grand Budapest Hotel

My pick – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Editing :

Winner – Whiplash

My pick – Boyhood

Directing :

Winner – Birdman

My pic – Birdman

Costume Design :

Winner – The Grand Budapest Hotel

My pick – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Cinematography :

Winner – Birdman

My pick – Birdman

Supporting Actress :

Winner – Patricia Arquette

My pick – Patricia Arquette

Supporting Actor :

Winner – JK Simmons

My pick – JK SIMMONS

Best Actress :

Winner – Julianne Moore

My pick – Rosamund Pike

Best Actor :

Winner – Eddie Redmayne

My pick – Micheal Keaton

Best Picture :

Winner – Birdman

My pick – Birdman

So all in all i went 12/19, oh well. When all is said and done, I was really glad for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Whiplash, for their wins, they really deserved it. I don’t think American Sniper should have won ANYTHING. I though the animation category was a travesty, and there were some surprises thrown in there that i didn’t see coming but wasn’t upset over. What did you think of the awards? Agree with the winners and how many picks did you get right?



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