Don’t Miss It!


Chappie :

Set to come out shortly, ( March 2015 ) Chappie chronicles the story of what it truly means to be a sentient being vis A.I. It’s most definitely a story we have seen and heard before in one way or the other, but coming from the mind of director Neill Blomkamp, with his specific style and aesthetic can most certainly bring something really special to this tale. The film also features Hugh Jackman, and Sharlto Copley who had worked with Blomkamp before to great effect in both District 9 and Elysium. This kind of grimy sic-fi is what Blomkamp has really made his name on, and he is a master at world building. So what do you think? Does Chappie sound like something you shouldn’t miss? Did you know about it and are you eager to see it? Here is the most recent trailer.


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