Top 10 Favs! No.10!

So as part of my promise this year to bring you guys more and more content, I’ve decided to create a series of my top 10 favourite movies of all time. Now this is very fluid list, so my choices will be more or less what I’m feeling as that choice at that time, but it will still be a film I really love. Now it should also be noted that I am not saying that these are the best movies of all time because simply being one of the all time greats, doesn’t mean favourite. I’ll give you an example, my favourite movie of last year was The Grand Budapest Hotel, but I do think that the BEST movie of that year was Birdman. Grand Budapest just connected with me personally on many different levels, and it also has the repeatability factor, that only you favourites have. There will probably be a movie or two on this list that you will think isn’t that great, and i’d probably agree, but for one reason or anything, that movie has stuck with me for a long long time. You alos probably won’t see many recent movies here, as it take s a little while usually to cement its place as a real favourite. So with that said, lets start the list with my number 10!

Number 10 : Pulp Fiction


Chances are even if you never seen this movie, you have more than likely heard a quote from it, and that kind o sums up one of the most important things of movies that stick with you, and that’s dialogue. Pulp Fiction was one of the best examples of filling space and time in a movie, where generally mundane things were happening, with great dialogue that made you hope they would walk down this hallway a little longer, or eat breakfast a little slower. Even now with my copious number of viewings of this classic, I still derive the same joy in quoting this movie as I got from first hearing it on my very first viewing. Any film that can get better with repeat viewing will also find a way into your list of favourites. Everything about this movie is done to maximum effectiveness. The pacing, lighting, use of colour, dialogue, music, directing, acting, EVERYTHING. It is everything together that really makes this movie such a viewing and memorable experience. This is one of those movies that when you say you’ve never seen, people go “WWAATTTTTT”, and rightly so.

That’s my number 10 guys stay tuned for more from this list over time, and feel free to comment on any kind of content you would like to see here.



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