Netflix vs The World


So very recently Netflix bid for and won the distribution rights for the movie “Beasts of No Nation”, which is a war drama staring Idris Elba, and has some solid directing talent. What’s so interesting about that you might ask? Well after this deal was done, Netflix said it would be releasing the movie on day and date on both Netflix and select cinemas. Shortly afterwards, the 4 biggest cinema chains in America allll said they won’t be showing it, leaving only smaller and independent cinemas to have these showings. So what does this all mean, and how did it all start…

In the beginning ( of the Netflix age that is ), studios thought it was a great idea to have this new outlet to show all these old shows they had. Then over time, they started changing their minds, and taking longer and longer to send their content over to Netflix. THEN they started actively denying content, but the one thing they didn’t expect to happen, did. Netflix said F#$% IT, and they began to create their own content, and the great Netflix war began. You see now, Netlix has become a true juggernaut, one that can’t be ignored and one with a lot of money. So now, the strong hold that Cable has lost on great series, is becoming a possible future for the strong hold Hollywood has on Feature Films. If Netflix can have a successful release of a feature film, that would be a massive blow to cinemas as the viewing audience might go, hhmmmm stay home and see the same movie, think imma do that! So their own plan to starve Netlfix originally has totally come back full circle to bite them in the asshole. So what do you think about this situation? Are you team Netflix or Team World? I personally just want Netflix to win just enough to make cinema tickets cheaper :).



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