Top 10 Favs! No. 9!

Number 9 : Black Hawk Down


War movies have and will always be around. Good ones, bad ones, great ones, and horrible ones. One in particular though has always really connected and stayed with me, and that movie is Black Hawk Down. It tells the story of soldiers dropped into a war zone for a planned extraction, that ends up becoming hours upon hours of violent conflict. The movie features an amazing ensemble cast of actors that if they were to make this movie now, would cost them a lot more than it did at the time. It’s directed by one of my all time favourite directors also in Ridley Scott. The movie itself is done in a very realistic, dark and gritty way that really goes a long way to showcasing the harsh realities of war, and the effects it has both physically and mentally on those that must take part in it. Once you get into the film, it doesn’t take long to let the shit hit the fan, and from the onset of the mission they are truly besieged by one problem after an other, and these twists and turn go all the way to end of this edge of your seat truly gripping narrative of a movie. Good enough for 4 oscar nominations and 2 wins, good enough for the number 9 spot on my list.



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