Top 10 Favs! No. 8!

Number 8 : Blade Runner


Blade Runner is considered by many to be the holy grail of science fiction films. It also just so happens to be one of my favourite movies of all time, AND it also just happens to be by my favourite director ever ( most likely ) Ridley Scott. Blade Runner is sic-fi/action/adventure/drama that takes place in the future where there are cyborgs that are so well created they can play as humans. Our lead character played by Harrison Ford must go on a journey to find the truth. One of the best things this movie does, is its amazing world building. It paints this very real, very visceral future, that is very bleak but also seems extremely honest. Any fan of sci-fi, or just good movie making in general should look no further than Blade Runner to get a great understanding of how to create worlds and characters, and keep such a wonderful balance between reality and fantasy. This movie came out in 1982, but has never lost its futuristic feel thanks to the timelessness granted to it by its amalgamation of subject matter, visuals,acting and directing. All of these thins make Blade Runner my number 8!



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