The Return of…EVERYTHING!

This year, we are going to be witness to a massive resurgence of properties that all rose to prominence and great fan fair many, many years ago. We are seeing the return of Star Wars (1977), Mad Max (1979), Terminator (1984) and Jurassic Park (1993). Each of these series have massive fan bases around the world, and are near and dear to many a heart of many a person.

Terminator Genisys :

Terminator Genisys is basically a rebooting of the series, by changing the timeline set out by the original movies. This new timeline looks to make some drastic changes that would allow both a re-telling of this story, and still let this movie be a true sequel and continuation of the story that we know and love from before. Mr. Terminator himself returns, along with the introduction of a new Sarah Connor in the form of The Queen of Dragons and Khalessi, Emilia Clarke and the so far very underwhelming Jai Courtney.1422639542702

Jurassic World :

In line with new sequels that are many years later than anyone would have guessed, we have Jurassic World. This movie looks to be a straight up real time sequel, taking place the in present day, with the idea that the park itself was re-opened and has been running for some time now. As with anything, us humans start to get a bit bored with these stale dinosaurs, and as such the park seeks create a new attraction, with a new dinosaur until predictably all hell breaks loose.chris-pratt-velociraptor-jurassic-world

Star Wars – The Force Awakens :

Dum dum dadada dum dadada dum dadada dummmmmmm. If any movie ever needed NO introduction, it would be Star Wars. The Sci-Fi fantasy juggernaut has finally come back to what we hope is a gleaming new pinnacle in it’s movie making. We don’t know too much outside of speculation about the film thus far, but what we do know from the teaser trailer at least is we are going to have a lot to look forward to. Star Wars drops in december and will look to make a considerable dent in the pocket of every red blooded man woman and child the world over.Star-Wars-Sith

Mad Max – Fury Road :

Finally we have another franchise continuance here that shouldn’t be over looked at all, in Mad Max Fury Road. It comes to us from the same, and i repeat the same people who made the original Mad Max movies, and is supposed to be some kind sequel to some, prequel to others entry in the Mad Max universe. This time we have Bane himself, Tom Hardy in the lead role as well as a really solid cast along side him. The trailer for this movie damn near broke the internet when it was released and i for one can’t wait to return to the dessert waste-land behind V12’s and a whole lot of sand.DSC_3888.JPG

So what do you think? Hollywood so out of ideas they have no choice but to try and return to their glory days? Or maybe technology has finally caught up to the place where these movies can have the splendour and time in the sun that they deserved to have so many years ago.



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