Review : Home


“Oh, an alien on the run from his own people, lands on Earth and makes friends with the adventurous Tip, who is on a quest of her own.”

Home is a very well animated, very well voice acted, very well constructed movie. The problem? It’s just not compelling. As a movie, home has all the parts needed, and hits all the notes needed, to be a really good outing for the family. Like I said before, the voice acting in particular here is very well done, and the voices really do seem to fit the characters and they personalities. The problem then is more in the grander themes and feel of the movie. It’s just missing that something, that something that took movies like How to Train your Dragon to the next level. That’s where this movie falls short, in taking that next step from good to great. The young ones for sure will have a great time with this movie (be prepared to have to buy toys), and the other ones who have to take said younglings to the cinema will have an enjoyable enough time also. The middle of this movie does also have a bit of a dip to it, and that will find you checking your phone probably. I was really hoping this movie would have been a great surprise like The Croods was, but it was just good enough.

Review Score : 6 out of 10


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