Don’t Miss it!

Southpaw :

So a few years ago, this movie was supposed to be made, and it was supposed to star the rap god himself, Eminem. Good things come to those who wait however as now we have one of the best actors around taking on this very multi layered role of champion fighter Billy “the great” Hope.southpaw

Physical transformation is no stranger to actors, Gyllenhaal included. Previously he lost a considerable amount of weight for the movie “Nightcrawler” and has now reversed his fates and gone up a weight class to play the top level athlete. The film also stars fan favourite Rachel McAdams and a very promising looking young actress in Clare Foley who plays Gyllenhaals’ daughter.3044397-inline-i-2-the-southpaw-trailer-hits-you-with-a-ridiculously-cut-jake-gyllenhaal-and-new-eminem-music

We still get all the Eminem flare however as he remains on the project lending some vocals in the form of a new song, and possible others for the movie. Even Rita Ora appears in the film (if she will also lend some music we will have to wait and see), in a role that seems to be much more gritty than anything she has done before.jake-gyllenhaal-southpawSouthpaw hits most theatres the end go July. Hopefully with a strong enough 1-2 punch to make critics and audiences alike take note (couldn’t go all the way without a boxing joke, come on man). Are you excited to see Southpaw? What about the physical transformation of Gyllenhaal? Do you think Southpaw is worth a don’t miss it?



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