Review : Furious 7


“Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for the death of his brother.”

So this movie, is the definition of balls to the wall, full throttle, all out, throw caution to the wind, then shoot that son of a bitch. Now this movie is most certainly NOT for everyone, but by the end of this review you will know on which side you stand. First off, if you are a long time fan or viewer of the Fast and Furious series, this movie is full of nods and tributes to those previous 6 movies, and it felt nice as someone myself who has seen them all. There is even a moment later in the film where a reference is made, and I instantly made the connection before they had to say another word, and I appreciated that a lot. Secondly this movie really goes there with its’ action scenes. It certainly hasn’t given it all away in the trailers and it goes for its over the top, full out there action that you can’t take too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. This movie is really made to be fun from start to end. The ending however I must say, had people in tears in my screening, so be ready for that. The death of Paul Walker really shook this film and its production, and its cast, but the way it was eventually handled was truly well done. There was no use of his death to try and benefit the movie, and you can truly see what he meant to everyone that has been in this franchise for more than a decade now. For those of you that are not fans of such over the top action, I understand, and I feel the same way when it is used incorrectly. The world that this movie builds however really lends itself to the events that then unfold as the movie goes on. So strap yourself in for a super fun ride, and if that’s not your thing, then keep your ass at home.

R.I.P Paul Walker, it was a great last ride *tries not to cry*

Review Score : 8 out of 10


2 thoughts on “Review : Furious 7

  1. So… this movie is less “a film” and more “a series of very cool action sequences strung together with a minimum of plausibility.”

    I loved every second of it!!!

    My only complaint is that The Rock isn’t in it enough! How you gonna add him to the cast looking like that and only put him in the beginning and the end? BOO.


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