Top 10 favs ! No. 6!

Fight Club :


For a long time there have been movies that blow our mind. That take us so far down one rabbit hole we totally blindsided by where we actually get out. Few however, manage to create such a beautiful, intricate and totally fascinating web, like David Fincher’s Fight Club. Fight Club makes such an amazing world for us, that when they break it all down, we the audience, are really and truly in awe.Brad-Pitt-fight-club-body2

Fight Club focuses around two central characters that share a very special relationship. A relationship that is truly vital to the development of this movie. David Fincher has a really good track record as it is, but this movie i think is really my favourite of his, and that’s saying something. Everything about this movie is phenomenally done, from start to end in every category.fight-club-copy_c9w7.1920Fight Club is probably owner as well to some of the most quotable and memorable scenes of all time. This is truly a great all time piece of cinema, and the kind of movie, that no mater what you think if it in the end, you will ALWAYS remember it and the name Tyler Durden.


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