Top 10 Favs! No. 5!

 paris-wiped-out Armageddon:

Now, before you start to freak out and be all OMG how could this be number 5, this is when i remind you of what i said at the start of this list…

“Now it should also be noted that I am not saying that these are the best movies of all time because simply being one of the all time greats, doesn’t mean favourite.”

Yes i did say that with this spot pretty much in mind, so allow me to defend my 5th favourite movie ever.

Armageddon-6So in 1998, our favourite director we love to hate, Michael Bay, brought us the movie Armageddon. It had a pretty solid cast, filled with enough names we knew, up and coming names, and those faces you know but could never actually remember names for. Now mind you, this movie was coming off the back of Bad Boys and The Rock which were two of the best received Bay movies ever which had expectations pretty high, and for most this movie was good but not great…except for me.

One of the things this movie does or did that connected really deeply with me was that it gave us characters we could really feel for. In a sequence of scenes we see the crew going ham and being crazy and then in the very next shot we see a somber room of men who all have nothing to say, after being briefed finally about why there we all summoned. Then later on when they meet the men and women who are supposed to train them, we see the disparity between men of action, and men who are called to act. Now i understand, that many people may say, “why didn’t they just train the astronauts to drill?” or something like that. To which, i reply, stop killing my dreams. I know that some of the plot points of this movie, or that some of the decisions made may not be amazing writing or story telling, but haven’t we all wondered what it would be like to become something more? To have a chance at greatness?

maxresdefault-2Another testament to why i love this movie so much, is that it is infinitely watchable, and that has to count for something. There will be blood is an AMAZING movie, but my ass ain’t watching it every year. Something about this movie, wether its the human drama, the action pieces, the humour, the emotions, something about it makes you stop what you are doing and look at it over. This movie is also the first and only movie, to have ever made me cry (12 years a slave came REALLY close, but i was like NOT TODAY). How could a movie like this do that you ask? Its all about the build up. For the entire movie, two characters are at odds, over one wanting to date the others daughter. Later on we find out that what they have is more than just physical, it is love. As time passes we see the slow progression of denial, to acceptance that leads to the ultimate sacrifice, done perfectly by this movie. It also employes some very well done, very haunting imagery but really out you in these characters shoes. All of these things are why, even if this isn’t one of the greatest movies of all time, its one of my favourites, and good enough for number 5! ( and did mi mention the song? because i mean…yeah, you know!)


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