Suicide Squad and The Joker


So recently there has been a flood of official photos being released for up coming big budget films. Needless to say some were better received than others. One of the biggest splashed made was the first official reveal of what most think to be the final look for The Joker as played by Jared Leto, followed soon after by our first official look at the suicide squad on a whole. It was a move that seemed to come as a way for the studio to try and counteract the backlash after The Joker picture reveal, but we will probably never know. Firstly on the topic of The Joker image, I would say I am fairly on the fence here. On the negative side I would have preferred a little more subtlety in his over all look, but I also know that this picture is out of context and I reserve real judgment for when I see him in action. Jared Leto is a reigning Oscar winner.

Suicide-Squad-Cast-Photo-Costumes-1024x820As for the squad on a whole, I’d say I’m pretty happy with what I’m seeing here. This reveal has so much more context to it already, with good looks at the entire squad as well as getting to see them together is a really nice way of giving us some ideas as to the team dynamics. It’s much less of a freeze frame type of image as The Joker’s own, and that helps it out a lot.

have-the-leaked-photos-and-clips-changed-your-mind-on-jared-leto-as-the-joker-370470On The Joker again however, a reason I so stress on context is because even this leaked image showing The Joker in more of “costume” I think is a much better look at what the character we are getting is likely to look like. But what do you think? Love or hate the looks we have been given so far?




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