Film Slating, helping or hurting?

So recently, more and more companies have gotten into the habit of announcing their film slates for the next basically 20 years, giving us movies to salivate over for years and years to come. However, after some recent film viewing ( looking at you Avengers ), I’ve began to wonder if these slates are really helping or hurting these films. So what do I mean by this? Well hear me out.

1) What do these slates actually accomplish?

The point of these slates is so we know and are excited about where these film universes are going, however does that now handcuff some of your creativity? Most of the more negative reactions I have heard in regard to the mot recent Avengers movie, was that it didn’t seem to well enough set up the audience for the films coming after. This is something that could only be a problem if we KNOW what is coming next.

2) Do these slates actually raise interest?

For most people, knowing when Dr. Strange is coming out is of no significance, but to fan boys and girls its a huge deal. The problem here is that fan boys and girl don’t make up the majority of the viewing audience these movies need to make a profit. So is it worth fatiguing these properties for the sake of a few?

3) What happens when changes have to be made?

After the recently finding that Spider-Man can now be in Marvel proper movies again, we instantly saw a change in the Marvel movie slate pushing back some films to feature a new Spider-Man film. What does this cause? It causes the people who were really excited about one of those pushed back movies, to be annoyed now that they are being to wait even longer than before.

All of these could be avoided by simply only announcing the next years films or something of the like. What do you think? Do you like knowing so much? Or would you rather just wait and see where the rabbit hole goes.



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