In Case you Missed it


So in 2006, Satoshi Kon directed a movie by the name of Paprika. An animated action, sci-fi, mystery film that weaves some complex ideas with some mind bendingly beautiful animation. I can’t stress enough how wonderful the animation here is, and it employs a number of different techniques to achieve this. Aside from its visual prowess, it employs different levels of story telling also.

paprika_00268341The main story tells us of an experimental device that can be used to tap into the dreams of people and allow someone else in also, but when the device is stolen…all hell breaks loose. The story then goes off in a way that we are almost never really sure when we are seeing a dream or the real world.


This movie is basically a spiritual animated successor to Inception, and you can really see some similarities between the two. If you are a fan of animation on the whole, especially if you like challenging and experimental film making, you will really enjoy Paprika.



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