Sony Marvel SpiderMan controversy


Unless you have probably been under a rock, you would have heard of the big time scandal that was the Sony Leaks. Over time, more and more information has been steadily leaking out ever since. One such leak is in the form of information about a contract between Sony and Marvel, detailing the constraints on or around the “Spiderman” and “Peter Parker” characters. The contract stipulates that basically Peter Parker/Spiderman can’t torture anyone, he can’t kill unless in self defense, he can’t drink in excess or smoke and similar stuff….but the issue here is that it also says that he can’t be gay, and he can’t be anything but white.

This is the controversy starts of course, the real question is…should it?

So lets look at the negatives first. This contract makes Marvel have no choice but to exclude many demographics, and to not be able to truly revitalize the character by updating him to more current times. It also seems like a slap in the face to anyone who isn’t white or straight by appearing to say that being anything else, is somehow a bad thing. That having any such characteristics would make the character less or worse of a person.

Lets also try and find some positives here. Sony now owns this character, so by right, they are allowed to protect their character from anyone who might misuse said character. Imagine if you had this precious egg of a character, and someone wanted to change it, just for changing it sake, you might not want that to happen. It can be argued also that some (not all) of the stipulated character traits are totally vital and a defining part of the Spidey/Petey character and mythos.

Either way you look at it, its a complex issue. To some people this will be racism, to others bigotry, to some it will be an example of how Hollywood simply wants to “blackwash” everything now after years of “whitewashing”. Some will say they have the right to do whatever they like with their property, others will contend that the character really belongs to the fans, because without them he wouldn’t be around. And really, no one is right or wrong here really, it’s all opinion. What do you think? Is this more good or bad to you? Do you even care?


Here’s a link with the article btw…


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