Review : Magic Mike XXL


“Three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, he and the remaining Kings of Tampa hit the road to Myrtle Beach to put on one last blow-out performance.”

So there are probably like three questions you want to ask me. One is if anyone other than females could have any enjoyment from this movie. Two is if these movie has a point or plot. Three is if this movie is any good, and yes I have answers. To start with, yes people other than women can enjoy this movie, and there is a plot, a lot more plot than you might think actually. At the heart of it, this movie is really a guys road trip movie. There is also a lot of character development with these characters, and it really humanizes them as more than just strippers. You get a real sense and idea for all the ups and downs it takes in a business like that. And yes, this movie is good. Firstly, just from a visual aspect, this movie is really well shot and is shot in a very pleasing way that ads visually to the story and the heart of the movie. Ladies, this part is for you. There is a whole lot of eye candy for you here on multiple levels, so yeah, you have that base covered for sure. All in all, a solid movie with solid acting, dancing, solid soundtrack, and a lot more fun than males viewers might want to admit.

Review Score : 7out of 10


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