Don’t Miss It!

I wanted to go a slightly different Don’t Miss It this time guys, not show casing a movie this time, but an actress (and soon actor). This year so far for me at least, has been the year of Alicia Vikander. She might not have been in 15 movies for the year, but so far she has put out nothing but stand out performances. She was the stand out performance in The Man from U.N.C.L.E, and even with how good she was in that movie, her performance in Ex-Machina, is nothing short of brilliant. Like seriously guys, if you haven’t seen Ex-Machina as yet, you can do yourself no displeasure by watching the acting in this movie, none more so than by Vikander. She also has movies left for 2015, especially what looks like another amazing performance that can be glimpsed in the new trailer for The Danish Girl, alongside Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne. I think there will be a lot of heat from the Redmayne performance, but don’t sleep on Alicia’s performance here at all. So what do you guys think about Alicia Vikander and the year she has been having so far, as far as acting is concerned at least.alicia-vikander-ft1


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