Review : Maze Runner- The Scorch Trials


“After having escaped the Maze, the Gladers now face a new set of challenges on the open roads of a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles.”

I think this movie might get some more hate than it deserves, and that’s going to be unfortunate if true. The sequel to last years The Maze Runner, takes us to sequel town in just about every way it can. Bigger budget, bigger sets, bigger stakes, all of it gets bigger for this movie. It does still hold a lot of cards to its chest, by just leaking drips and drops of the real story line between the very well done action set pieces, which have also been ramped up. This movie picks up right where the last one let off, and it does have a similar ending, in the way it sort of makes sure you know there is going to be a sequel coming. This time at least however, i could see it coming, and the movie doesn’t just cut to black, before i think it will. Dylan O’Brien really does a good job here also of leading this series. His Thomas character is very charismatic and relatable, while also really seeming like a natural leader to the others. The REAL MVP here is still Ki Hong Lee’s Minho though, like i seriously don’t know what they would do without him. So all in all i really do think this is fun and enjoyable movie, that has been the closest anyone has been able to get to the Hunger Games series. It is on an upward trend, if ever so slightly.

Review Score : 7.5 out of 10


One thought on “Review : Maze Runner- The Scorch Trials

  1. irvinjee says:

    Hi! Just wanna share my thought. I’m a very great fan of the series especially of the books, but was slightly disappointed with the first movie. All the more disappointed with the second one because of how different the plot was to the book. Thus i can say we fans really have no idea now as to what’s gonna happen in the last installment. Anyhow, i do agree that minho is somewhat the more real MVP (the way u put it) than Thomas but i think the series really is far fetch compared to Hunger Games (which i happen to love first also) as evident in the maze runner series’ gross. That’s all. Happy blogging!

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