How Blumhouse Saved the Horror Genre


Jason Blum is a long time producer, that created his own production house known as Blumhouse Productions. Blumhouses’ bread and butter has been and is however, producing and releasing micro budgeted films. To give you a better idea of this, the most expensive film ever produced under Blumhouse capped out at a massive 10 million (sarcasm in full swing). This gives Blumhouse the ability to almost 100% guarantee any distributor, that they will make money on their investment, seeing as most of these movies only have about 5 million dollars or budget to over come. These monetary constrictions do a few things for these films also. They force the films creators to get a bit more creative with their stories and how they film it, and it even gives the films a lot more leeway in the final quality of said films (even a bad movie, can make 10 million dollars). So how did Blumhouse save the horror genre? Glad you asked. Horror movies are one of those genres that, while they have a very loyal fan base, they lack the ability to pull in the real big bucks at the box office. The sixth sense is thus far the highest grossing horror movie of all time, coming in at about 672 million dollars, with only 2 other movies crossing 500 million, meaning most horrors can really only aspire to making between 50-200 million and be considered very successful. Also, other than the same sixth sense, most of the top grossing horror movies of all time like World War Z for example, have large budgets of over 100 million (190 for World War Z) so there 400+ million earnings aren’t even as great as you might think. All of this to say, most horrors don’t make enough money, to give studios and distributors confidence in making or distributing horror movies. Enter Jason Blum with Paranormal Activity in 2009 that made 193 million dollars, on a budget of…


Yes guys thats not a typo, 193 million dollars of a budget of fifteen thousand. Since then Blumhouse has been win for win, lets look at some examples

Paranormal Activity 2 – 3mil/ 176mil

Insidious – 1.5mil/ 99.5mil

Paranormal Activity 3 – 5mil/ 207mil

Sinister – 3mil/ 82mil

Paranormal Activity 4 – 5mil/ 143mil

The Purge – 3mil/ 89mil

Insidious 2 – 5mil/ 162mil

Oculus – 5mil/ 44mil

The Purge Anarchy  – 9mil/ 111mil

Ouija – 5mil/ 102mil

Unfriended – 1mil/ 63mil

The Visit – 5mil/ 50mil (so far)

All of these show just how well of a formula Blumhouse has going for it, and how they almost single handedly saved the Horror Genre.


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