A trilogy of the Best Trilogies.

I’ve done a few best of lists in the past, this one is going to be a bit different. This list as you may have guessed, is about three (or four I might have cheated a bit) of the best trilogies ever made, and why.

N0. 3


Here’s where the cheating starts, I have two trilogies tied for third. The original Star Wars trilogy (movies 4,5 and 6), and the Batman trilogy of movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises). The trilogy of batman centric movies made by Christopher Nolan are revered for having the movie touted as proof that comic book movies can be made and taken seriously in Batman Begins, and for having what many consider the best comic book movie ever made in The Dark Knight. The trilogy wrapped itself up nicely in The Dark Knight Rises, though most would agree it was the weakest of the series.


The original Star Wars trilogy was the start of something people had never experienced before, and almost a paradigm shift in the way movies were made. Though the second half of a planned six movie series, the original trilogy consisted of movies 4,5 and 6 or A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of The Jedi. These movies, were able to bridge the gaps between genres, and between fan and critical appeal.

No. 2


The Toy Story Trilogy. If i asked you what the numbers 100, 100 and 99 have in common, Toy Story may not be what comes to mind, but those are actually the Rotten Tomatoes scores for each movie in the trilogy. Each year the movies were released, also saw them as some of the most highly rated films by critics and by the box office for the year. That’s something that is incredible hard to do by individual movies, far less over the course of three movies over a few years.

Honorable Mention


So a bit more cheating here, but before we get to number one, I have an honorable mention that barely didn’t make it onto the list. The Bourne Trilogy (we don’t count that Jeremy Renner one #sorrynotsorry) is one of the few trilogies, that genuinely got better with each iteration. Many trilogy suffer from having the best movie being the second movie, because it usually sets the bar too high for the finale to live up to. Each movie in the Bourne series both raised the bar, and then delivered in spades.

No. 1


This should come as no surprise, but the number one trilogy of all time, goes to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Starting with the mere fact, that the Lord of the Rings trilogy has received 30 academy award nominations, and 17 wins no less, including a clean sweep of 11 noms and 11 wins for the final movie in the trilogy, this trilogy is the most well decorated of all time. This series is probably also the best example of how movies that are being adapted for the screen, don’t need to be 100% faithful to the source material to be just as good.

What do you think of my list? Any better trio of movies out there you think  I left out? Leave a comment below.




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