Review : Point Break


“A young FBI agent infiltrates an extraordinary team of extreme sports athletes he suspects of masterminding a string of unprecedented, sophisticated corporate heists. “Point Break” is inspired by the classic 1991 hit.”

As fat as movies go, Point Break is very much in that more un-special range, mediocre if you will. It already starts at the disadvantage of being a remake of what many consider to be a bit of a cult classic in the original Point Break by Kathryn Bigelow in 1991. That movie was, and feels just a lot fresher than this current incarnation. That lack of freshness is really what undoes this movie ultimately. It does have some redeeming qualities however, namely, all of the action stunt work. The jumps and dives and falls and spills and all that stuff is very well done and very well shot to give you the best feeling for the pace, excitement and danger of it all. The two leads here also do decent enough job, but they don’t always come off as charismatic as they should be, or even sometimes just not fully formed from an emotional side which would help ground the characters a lot more. The Point Break remake goes down in the books as another lack lustre attempt to get a second life, for a film that never really died.

Review Score : 5 out of 10


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