Spoiler Review : Star Wars – The Force Awakens

This is going to be my spoiler filled review, recap and discussion about Star Wars Episode 7 – The Force Awakens. As I’ve stated like three times now, this is going to be FULL of spoilers so if you’re that one person who hasn’t seen the movie yet, don’t read this, and go see the damn movie. For everyone else, lets do this.

To jump right into it, I think first we need to talk about all the comparisons made between this movie and Episode 4 – A New Hope. Yes, I do agree, the narrative does take a distinctly similar path, however, I disagree with most people on why it does and wether or not that its a good thing. I think what J.J. intentionally did here was mirror a formula that clearly worked before, but used it as a tool to launch the new direction and new cast of this new adventure. It combined just the right amount of nostalgia with the right amount of newness to create something that millions of people loved and enjoyed. That aside we can talk about some of the big plot points in this movie now. I want to start with Kylo Ren or as we know now, Ben Solo.

For the most part, Ben Solo is what we always wanted Anakin Skywalker to be in the prequels. Dark, brooding, emotional when necessary, but not to come off so much whiny as broken. His character could still go either way as the story stands, although they are going to have to move heaven and earth to really make me believe his redemption if it gets to that. I also think in his killing of Han, that Han knew exactly what he was doing when he said he’d do anything to help him, and I think the way Ben thought he’d feel after killing him (free that is) didn’t happen, and was why he seemed stuck there long enough for Chewy to bust a hole in his side.

As for the seemly new trio now, of Rey, Fin and Po, I really like all three of these characters. Po firstly I think really showed what it was to be the pilot he was billed to be, and seeing him be so confident and competent in what he did was really exciting to watch. Fin also seemed to be part of these new order of storm troopers that have the training to an actual threat which was a much welcomed sight. You could instantly feel the bromance between him and Po, and it made sense given the nature of their coming together. The undoubtedly most complex of these new characters however would have to be Rey. I’ve seen lots of people call her a “Mary-Sue”, which is a film term to mean a female character thats basically unbeatable and has everything happen for them to easy, and while I can see where that sentiment comes from, I have to disagree.

I think the way things turn out for Rey, are a result of her as yet undisclosed past and upbringing. I’m willing to bet that she has had some kind of training before and was simply made to not remember that part of her life, in an effort to keep her safe. At the end of the movie when she confronts Luke, he knows exactly who she is, the only real surprise being when she produces his and his fathers old lightsaber. I believe her and Kylo Ren are on mirrored but opposite paths, but maybe to the same end.

That leads us to Snoke, or Darth Plagueis if most of the fandom is correct. And I agree that Snoke needs to be such a character to really make it impactful that he has been around for so long, and seen so much. He’s seen first hand the power of Skywalkers and it makes sense why he wanted so badly to prevent anyone from finding or contacting Luke. He’s going to be needed now more than ever though. With the entire galaxy in probably disarray without the leadership of the senate. The first order I’m sure didn’t suffer as huge a blow as the resistance would like to think, and only a hand full of characters know enough to help save it all. Needless to say I’m very much looking forward to episode 8, but Star Wars Rogue One will do finely in the meanwhile.


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