Review : Gods of Egypt


“Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness who has usurped Egypt’s throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict.”

So this may come of as a bit controversial, but I don’t hate this movie. BUT THE RACISM!? Yeah I hear you, lemme finish. Since the first trailer for this movie came online, there has been a HUGE backlash to go along with calls to boycott this movie, over allegations of “whitewashing”. And I get it, the name of the movie is Gods of Egypt, the same Egypt in Africa, the same one that shouldn’t be full of white dudes, especially in the roles of the Gods themselves. But, and there is a but, there is something about this movie that really isn’t evident, without first seeing it. This is going to get a bit spoilery, so just be warned, I have to spoil somethings to bring both sides of the argument here. So while this movie does bare the name of Egypt, it’s really not what you think. Gods of Egypt is like a total fantasy world, that was created to stand on it own, but thought it needed some kind of recognisable hook, or pre-established base from which to expand on and enrich the world it builds rather than copy it. Wether thats right or wrong, or wether its pulled off properly or not I kind of have to leave up to the viewer to decide, but I think this is an important distinction to be made. Rather than present a version of the true ancient Egypt, the movie just seeks to borrow its name and well known-ness to try and bring these characters to life. I mean, the world is flat in this movie. The Gods are like 10 foot tall people with magical powers. Ra has the pull the sun across the sky, in a literal space boat (or space ship, get it, lol), and many other things that make this a true work of fantasy. And while I understand that just being a work of fantasy doesn’t necessarily negate the appropriation of a predominantly black culture, and then not representing that well enough (there are some properly cast Gods here, but obviously not the real leads) in the casting choices made. I feel like the the severity with which people are dismissing this film, in that regard, is a bit harsh. Now as for the movie itself. Its no home run. It is predictable and a bit by the numbers, and a bit too over CGI and all that. But, if it wasn’t for this massive issue in the eyes of so many, the reviews for this movie wouldn’t be so harsh I don’t think. There is fun to be had here. The 3D isn’t bad, and most of the CGI looked pretty good to me, even if a lot of it seemed very unnecessary. The real take away here I think is a few things. One, is that even something like this, can have more to it than meets the eye. Two, that maybe this is just the straw breaking the camels back over the whitewashing that exists in Hollywood currently. And three, there are two sides at least to every story, so even if you don’t see this movie, hopefully you read this review and it can add something to the argument, not so much to save this film, but to show that maybe there is a bit more grey to these matters and everything isn’t so black and white (LOL couldn’t help that last one).

Review Score : 5 out of 10


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