The REAL “problem” with Batman v Superman


Currently, if you were to check the general critical reaction to the movie Batman v Superman, you might or might not be surprised to see the following:

29% on rotten tomatoes (72% audience rating)

44 metacritic score

and way too many individual reviews to reference here, but more than 50% of which are more negative than positive.

Now there seems to be this swirling mass of hatred for the movie in general and especially in the online space. People seem to be absolutely tearing the movie to shreds in anyway that they can. I can’t count how many different websites I’ve seen with post like “The how many ever problems with BvS” or something similar. Its this mentality of this movie isn’t perfect, so its the exact opposite, when in truth, it lives much more in the middle. Now in the middle of all this, is the average viewer, who pays just enough attention to critics to be swayed by them, and can be swept up in the flood. The real problem with Batman v Superman is honestly one of, this movie isn’t what people though it would be, and for that (and for the un-reachable levels of hype this movie had following it) people don’t know what to think about it, so its easier to just join the blame train and throw this movie under the bus. We’ve created an environment where we instantly have to pick sides as it were, and those sides are usually love or hate, and not much in between. The movie is by no means a perfect one, and it does have some things to answer for, but to say a movie with as many good and positive moments as BvS would be considered worse than movies like the most recent (actually any and all) Fantastic 4, is absolutely absurd. The real problem with this movie is that a lot of us got something we didn’t expect, and instead of taking the time to try and find a place for it, we rather just call it shit and jump on some other train that’s going where we want it to. These are just my thoughts on it, feel free to comment what you think below.




Review : Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice


“Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the man of steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday, is created by Lex Luthor. It’s up to Superman and Batman to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.”

After what seemed like 10 years of waiting, we are finally here. The level of hype, that pre-dated this movie couldn’t get any bigger, and expectations for this movie couldn’t have been any higher either. So after all of that, could this movie live up to the hype? Nope, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth anything. Batman v Superman, is a movie that I didn’t see coming, its totally not what I expected, and in that, there is good and bad. First, the good. This movie is visually stunning, just absolutely a wonder to behold. This is also one of the more comically accurate movies we’ve had in a long time. And that, to be honest, is both a positive and negative. More on the positive side, the action in this movie is also absolutely amazing. This is the best, THE BEST, the Batman has ever looked on screen while kicking ass, by a long shot. Then we got the introduction of Wonder Woman, who kicked just as much ass, and looked just as great doing it. To finally see that character realised on the big screen like she was, was really something to see (was great to hear the entire audience cheer for her). The Lex Luthor character is really probably going to be the love it or hate it stand out of this movie. His character has some practices and makes some decisions that are either going to really bother you, or you’ll be fine with it. Another part of this movie, that is going to divide fans, is the introduction of Doomsday. I’m not sure I really love that way the Doomsday character came to be, but it could have been worse for sure. Also, some of the motivations for some of the characters, don’t always really hit you when and where it should, but I do think there is more good and than bad here. Sidetone, I was getting pretty damn giddy when the Flash made his cameo, seeing as thats my favourite superhero of all time, really nice to see him get a good spot in there. So all in all i think Batman v Superman is a bit of a let down, that was going to be inevitably so, but I do think it was delivered the right setup up for this universe going forward, and I’m pretty to excited to see what comes next.

Review Score : 8 out of 10

On “Screening Room”


First off guys, sorry for the lack of posts for the last two weeks, I was most definitely on vacation, but now I am back, and so is Islandmovieblogs. Now for those of you who might see “Screening Room” and wonder what the hell I’m talking about, it has recently come out that creator of Napster, Sean Parker, has a new idea and plan dealing with the way we potentially watch movies. The system is called Screening Room, and is an anti piracy set-top box, that would allow its owner to stream new movies to their homes, on the same day and date as they are released theatrically. The box is meant to cost $150.00 US to own, and then cost $50.00 to stream a new movie, for which you would have the movie for a 48 hour screening period. Now these prices are being proposed as what they are because the cinema chains are still meant to get a cut of the profits, and as such not totally be a huge middle finger to them and their lively hood. I can already hear all the people screaming and shouting about the prices here, but you have to consider a few things. Firstly, the initial $150 is a lot, but thats a charge meant to cover the cost of the hardware and is at least only a one time fee. The $50 rental fee per movie now, may also seem very steep, but when you consider that the main demographic for this service is likely to be families, then you can see that $50 for a movie for the entire family, isn’t as steep as it seemed before. Another proposed selling point of the service, is not to dissuade cinema goers, but rather to combat piracy, by offering those who would want to see these films, but find it difficult to get to a cinema, an option that ISN’T piracy, and isn’t waiting a few months for streaming or bluray releases. All of these are great points, but they do spark some issues and part of the issues are created by some of the very things this service would like to encourage. While yes it would be a decent deal for say a family of 4 to pay $50 for a brand new movie, that that entire family can see at home, and not pay for snacks either, but, where do we draw the line? Cinemas would be making an equivalent profit of 2 cinema tickets for each movie rental, but what happens when I go by my friend who has a giant flat screen and he has a big movie party? How can 2 tickets benefit the cinema if 10+ people are watching this movie now? Even more so, what if he charged everyone $5? How many of us would still go to the cinema then? All thoughts to consider, and there really isn’t a right and wrong answer right now, but I would love to hear your opinion too!



Review : Eddie the Eagle


“The story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.”

Eddie the Eagle, is one of the hardest movie reviews, I’ve ever had to do. So on the one hand, just as a film in a vacuum and made for entertainment purposes, I really can’t find any faults with this movie. The soundtrack is superb, the acting is really, really well done, the plot is fun and engaging and moves at a nice pace, and cliched though some of the movie may be, nothing is actually wrong. On the OTHER hand however, this movie does carry and flaunt the badge of “based on a true story”, and there is where we might have some problems. This movie is most definitely based on a true story, and most definitely gives you the general progression of this man’s life and his story, but, there is a fair bit here however, that was created totally for this movie, and to enrich and narrative and make the movie more compelling. The next question then is, should this matter, and if so, where is the line between enhancing and falsifying? It also begs the question of which purpose should this movie should serve. Should it just be a movie that above all else seeks to entertain us (and it definitely does)? Or, should it be a movie to give us a compelling version of the real and true story, without straying too far from the God’s honest truth. That’s what makes this movie so hard to review and score, because I’m not even sure which way I’m leaning as yet. No matter what though, I can’t deny how much I enjoyed this movie and how much it pulled me in and took me along for the ride.

Review Score : 8.5 out of 10