Review : Eddie the Eagle


“The story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.”

Eddie the Eagle, is one of the hardest movie reviews, I’ve ever had to do. So on the one hand, just as a film in a vacuum and made for entertainment purposes, I really can’t find any faults with this movie. The soundtrack is superb, the acting is really, really well done, the plot is fun and engaging and moves at a nice pace, and cliched though some of the movie may be, nothing is actually wrong. On the OTHER hand however, this movie does carry and flaunt the badge of “based on a true story”, and there is where we might have some problems. This movie is most definitely based on a true story, and most definitely gives you the general progression of this man’s life and his story, but, there is a fair bit here however, that was created totally for this movie, and to enrich and narrative and make the movie more compelling. The next question then is, should this matter, and if so, where is the line between enhancing and falsifying? It also begs the question of which purpose should this movie should serve. Should it just be a movie that above all else seeks to entertain us (and it definitely does)? Or, should it be a movie to give us a compelling version of the real and true story, without straying too far from the God’s honest truth. That’s what makes this movie so hard to review and score, because I’m not even sure which way I’m leaning as yet. No matter what though, I can’t deny how much I enjoyed this movie and how much it pulled me in and took me along for the ride.

Review Score : 8.5 out of 10


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