The REAL “problem” with Batman v Superman


Currently, if you were to check the general critical reaction to the movie Batman v Superman, you might or might not be surprised to see the following:

29% on rotten tomatoes (72% audience rating)

44 metacritic score

and way too many individual reviews to reference here, but more than 50% of which are more negative than positive.

Now there seems to be this swirling mass of hatred for the movie in general and especially in the online space. People seem to be absolutely tearing the movie to shreds in anyway that they can. I can’t count how many different websites I’ve seen with post like “The how many ever problems with BvS” or something similar. Its this mentality of this movie isn’t perfect, so its the exact opposite, when in truth, it lives much more in the middle. Now in the middle of all this, is the average viewer, who pays just enough attention to critics to be swayed by them, and can be swept up in the flood. The real problem with Batman v Superman is honestly one of, this movie isn’t what people though it would be, and for that (and for the un-reachable levels of hype this movie had following it) people don’t know what to think about it, so its easier to just join the blame train and throw this movie under the bus. We’ve created an environment where we instantly have to pick sides as it were, and those sides are usually love or hate, and not much in between. The movie is by no means a perfect one, and it does have some things to answer for, but to say a movie with as many good and positive moments as BvS would be considered worse than movies like the most recent (actually any and all) Fantastic 4, is absolutely absurd. The real problem with this movie is that a lot of us got something we didn’t expect, and instead of taking the time to try and find a place for it, we rather just call it shit and jump on some other train that’s going where we want it to. These are just my thoughts on it, feel free to comment what you think below.




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