In Case you Missed it!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


In 2008, director David Fincher teamed up with Brad Pitt to create one of his most underrated films to this day in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It tells the story of title character Benjamin Button, who is born with a very rare disorder, causing him to age in reverse. The story itself then revolves around the life and loves of Benjamin Button, throughout his truly remarkable and interesting life. The movie spans in his entire life, and uses expert make-up effects as well as CGI to age up and then less so, age down Brad Pitt to cover his lifespan.


Its by no means a fast paced movie, but its pacing rather than slow, I would call deliberate and deft. It ads just enough weight and attention to detail to truly help you connect with the characters and their journey to further understand Benjamins’ struggle to cope with his version of life, which is positioned as a direct opposite to everyone else’s lives. This juxtaposition of fates really lets Fincher dive into the psyche of different characters from two totally different directions.


This definitely isn’t a movie for everyone however. If you’re not someone who enjoys dramas, especially those that are subtle, you might just find this movie boring. If however, you’re someone who likes thought provoking and interesting film making, then make sure to give this movie a look over if you haven’t ever seen it.



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