Review: X-Men Apocalypse


“With the emergence of the world’s first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.”

All trilogies face a very difficult proposition. They are always meant to build from the first to the last, getting better and better as we go. However, most times the final movie in trilogies tends to be a let down, and the question now is… is X-Men apocalypse one of those? Yes and no. To just get over it from the start, this movie is not as good as Days of future past, but that was an incredibly high bar to try and overcome. It does do a good job at trying to get there though. This movie does live up to his name however, on delivering on both the character Apocalypse, and giving us an actual Apocalyptic event which raises the stakes from the last two movies. That being said, thats not to say this isn’t a good movie, but it does lack the lustre of its last two counterparts. The movie does give us some nice set pieces and it really does deliver in the emotional components, but it just seems to be lacking something. The shine of the past two movies does get a bit dulled here, amidst some scenes that were supremely well done in an overall movie that I do like a lot, but for some reason it just can’t reach that peak of potential. The casting here is also really well done, its nice to see a new lease on life for characters like Jean Grey and Cyclops, whom haven’t always had the best goes at it. This all might sound like a lot of gloom and doom, but I really need to reiterate how much I do like this movie. All in all, I think X-Men Apocalypse is one of those movies that I like now, but will like more as time goes by, and even if it won’t get to the Days of Future Past level, I do think it warrants this trilogy’s legitimacy in the best of what this genre has to offer.

Review Score: 8 out of 10


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