Review : The Nice Guys


“A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.”

What do you get, when you cross great writing, great acting, and extremely well done directing?  You get a great movie like The Nice Guys. A lot of people might not know what this movie is, or what to expect from it, and to be honest I wasn’t sure either going in. This isn’t a comedy, or an action movie, or a mystery thriller, its actually all of them. When this movie needs to be funny, its very funny, when it needs to be serious and have real stakes, it genuinely does. It does just about everything it has to do extremely well. It keeps a good ebb and flow that goes up and down but never seem to race or slow down, but rather it just builds you up and down and takes you for the ride. This is most definitely an adult movie however, but it never seems to take it to a distasteful place. Something also has to be said about the chemistry between Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling, whom both happen to be really great actors to begin with, but together they pull of something really great here and definitely worth your time and money. If you want to see something a bit different, right now you can do no better than The Nice Guys.

Review Score : 9 out of 10


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