Review : Independence Day – Resurgence


“Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind’s new space defenses be enough?”

Just like the story of this movie, twenty years ago, we got one of first true big summer hits in Independence Day, and now we have its long awaited and maybe not so much wanted sequel. ID2 gives us a look at what today might look like if such an event really occurred, and we were able to take advantage of that technology. It brings back most of the original cast, with one glaring absence…Will Smith. The break out star of the first film for one reason or the other isn’t in this film and his absence is absolutely felt. Jessie Usher plays the son of Will Smiths character, and while you can say he looks the part, he truly lacks the charisma of Will Smith and that command that he would have on screen. I’m also not sure I full understand Liam Hemsworhts’ character in this movie. Like his behaviour and motivations don’t always line up, in my mind at least. This movie is also much bigger than the first movie, but somehow it doesn’t seem to have same scope as the original movie. That movie really made the threat seem world wide, and world ending, and here while its literally and physically bigger, it all seems so much smaller, like everything was next to each other. All in all Independence Day Resurgence is a very average, very middle of the world movie, that seems even a bit less average trying to follow up the original.

Review Score : 5 out of 10


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