In Case you Missed it!



Dope is a movie directed by Rick Famuyiwa , that seeks to use both the word Dope and the idea itself, to create a sort of paradox, in order to illustrate the realities of life, while also being as entertaining as a movie called Dope should be. As a film, Dope forces us to look at like from more than one perspective.


It uses a great mix of hip hop and hip hop culture, blended with ideas and concepts more familiar to millenials than the 90’s hip hop it leans so heavily on. It uses this juxtaposition not only in a  musical sense, but also in a visual one with the movies sense of style and even its colour palette.


Dope also leans heavily on some younger actors to help deliver the weight of its message, wether in a manner of levity or a more serious one. Even if the perceived subject matter of this movie doesn’t appeal to you, I heavily suggest still giving it a chance, you might very much be surprised with what you get, and how much you might like it.


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