First of all, a lot of people owe Zack Snyder an apology. Secondly, never have I seen a directors or ultimate cut of a movie, that makes such a big difference in final product of a film. This cut, of Batman v Superman gives us so much more connective tissue, and such a better flow of an experience that I seriously can’t see how all of what was cut out of the theatrical version, was cut. And poor Lex Luthor, I thin his character most of all was robbed of so much of his true genius and sinister nature. We lost some of Batman being Batman in a really cool way. We even lost a really big chunk of the Superman character arch, and why he does certain things he does. To be clear, I was already a fan of the original cut, but so many of the things I had to connect for myself, were not only connected here on film, but they was even more that I hadn’t even caught when I saw the theatrical cut. The entire beginning of this movie is totally changed. The entire Africa sequence and plot line was so, so, SO short changed and rushed in the original cut, that when you see what was really meant to be seen, it boggles the mind how anyone could cut those scenes out and expect viewers to connect all the dots that this cut connects. I think that honestly, however you felt about the original cut of BvS, this version, will take your opinion about 25% higher guaranteed, if not higher. I can’t recommend enough that people get a hold of this cut and give this movie another look.


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