In Case you Missed It!

Midnight Special:


Jeff Nichols both wrote and directs Midnight Special, and I think that really tells in the final product. Sometimes being so close to a project can be a hindrance, as you might not be able to be as critic as you would need to be, but here, it really helps this movie keep a focus and pacing the never seems to stray from where it should, or needs to be.


Midnight special is a real fusion of the best aspects of science fiction, with the pure tension and unease of a great thriller. The first sounds and shots of this movie, drop you into the middle of a narrative, closer to its climax than its start, forcing you to lean on every word and expression to try and piece together what is happening as or before the movie itself begins to reveal more and more.


This movie is also really well shot, and that cinematography is compounded upon by a pulse raising score that elevates the heart rate, and an all around very impressive ensemble acting cast. If you like movies that keep your attention and constantly raise as many questions as they answer…If you’re a fan of great but subtle acting…If you’re a fan of the idea of a real science fiction thriller, then Midnight Special is a movie you will most definitely appreciate, and it has an ending that you and anyone else you make watch this movie can discuss for a long time.


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